Who Are We?

We are Colorado moms, busy channeling our previous corporate business savvy and energy into growing our families. Our Line-3 story begins with our passion for competitive tennis. We love the sportsmanship and camaraderie that is found playing in tennis leagues and tournaments. In 2015, we founded our business. We had experienced a few tough losses at Line 1, and then realized that Line 3 is the place to be. This inspired a brainstorming session. We dreamed up our competitive, edgy and funny sayings, while calming our tennis blues with a bottle of red. Thus, Line-3 Graphic Apparel was born.

What Do We Want?

We are empowered by the opportunity to inspire the competitive woman (and her family) through our apparel and accessories. Win or lose, it’s all about the journey as we strive to improve both our game and our relationships with those we love. We’d love to hear from you! Tell us about how tennis or other competitive sports enhance your life.

Why Line 3?

In competitive league tennis, there are typically three lines of doubles teams that play in each match. Line 3 is considered the ‘least’ competitive line, but may also be the team that has the most fun! The Line 3 lifestyle is all about playing our best, while not taking ourselves too seriously.