It's hard to believe but July marked one year in business for LINE 3.  We are often asked, "What made you start LINE 3?"....the honest answer is a lot of tennis and a lot of after tennis wine lunches. :0! ...

 …in our minds we are competitive players (we suspend reality) who find humor in hitting a fuzzy ball into what “appears” to be a very large rectangle.  Since we have limited tennis skills, we cope with snarky remarks both on and off the court.   Humor,  League Night Snacks and Tennis Friendships make up our secret sauce and provide inspiration.  We are blessed to have found ourselves down this creative and rewarding path...tennis, cute clothes and lots of fun.  

     Our goal is to create fashion-forward apparel with comfortable, stylish layers to take you to and from the courts.  Our number one focus is celebrating all styles from petite to plus, keeping our customers 100% happy.  Players are responding enthusiastically to our fun and edgy products and we are loving what we do!  

So, Thank You to each and everyone one of you for your continued support of LINE 3 and allowing us to live our passion...TENNIS(...mixed with wine)! :)

     Stay tuned....new stuff and news coming in the fall! 




Susan Seal

I have loved every item I have purchased!
Great fit, great fabric, and clever design.


Love this newsletter and your products are so fun and great quality!

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